Our expertise lies in a small but important niche: analog circuit simulation.

Here is what we do for our customers:

1.) Provide training for most popular pc based spice simulators: PSpice, Intusoft ICAP/4 windows and LTSpice.

2.) Generate Spice compatible simulation models. 

– Using the MODPEX model generation tool, we generate high quality, accurate and fully documented models for a variety of analog simulators. MODPEX will output models for Spice2, Spice3, PSpice, Saber, Accusim and Eldo simulators. Most analog simulators can read and use one of these formats.

– When MODPEX does not support the device, we also generate spice subcircuit models for more complicated devices such as switch-mode controllers and other integrated circuits.

3.) We sell standard software packages for spice simulation, such as Intusoft ISSpice for windows.

4.) Provide commercial support for the MODPEX model generation software. MODPEX was created by Symmetry Design Systems in the early 1990’s. The company was later sold to Analogy, and then Analogy was purchased by Avant!, which was then purchased by Synopsys.

Interface Technologies provides the only commercial support for MODPEX available today. This generally revolves around short training classes, or reconstructing your license sever to prolong the use of your properly licensed software. If you are looking for assistance for you MODPEX license, just send an email to dan@i-t.com, describing what you need.